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New Cambridge Architectural Mesh Pattern Provides Fall Protection for Stairways, Terraces and Construction Projects Requiring Restraints

Feb 26, 2015

Cambridge Architectural’s Brick rigid metal fabric is a popular choice among architects and contractors seeking an aesthetically pleasing solution for restraint and fall protection. The metal mesh, which replicates the rectangular pattern of a brick wall, was mounted in January at a Frederick, Maryland Hampton Inn to encase a stairway fire escape as part of the hotel’s renovation. At 2030 8th Street at Atlantic Plumbing, a luxury Washington, D.C. condominium under construction, Brick mesh is being installed as a railing in-fill for an elaborate rooftop terrace.

Brick and other Cambridge metal mesh patterns suitable for restraint never shatter and are capable of supporting a person’s full weight while adding texture and interest to any project.

Available in T304 or T316 stainless, Brick features a 50 percent open weave that provides transparency and is ideal for both exterior and interior applications. It is offered in a maximum length of 120 inches at 2.3 lbs. per square foot. Like all Cambridge metal fabric patterns, it is readily recyclable and manufactured from recycled materials. It also boasts a virtually maintenance-free and indestructible lifecycle.

New Cambridge Architectural projects using Brick mesh:

Hampton Inn, Frederick Maryland

More than 1,750 square feet of Brick are mounted on flat bar frames installed for an exterior stairway fire escape earlier this year. Widewaters Construction, Inc. of DeWitt, New York selected Cambridge for the project.

2030 8th Street at Atlantic Plumbing, Washington, D.C.

Over 1,000 square feet of mesh are welded to u-binding frames with mitered corners for railing in-fills on the rooftop of the 10-story condominium. The mesh was ground for a polished finished. Beltsville, Maryland’s Ted Turner Company, Inc., which specializes in custom handrail design, chose Cambridge for the project. Morris Adjmi Architecture of New York City designed the condominium.

About Cambridge Architectural

Cambridge Architectural, a division of Cambridge International, is the most experienced full-service provider of sustainable architectural mesh systems for both interior and exterior building applications. As the world leader in tensioned mesh systems, Cambridge Architectural metal fabric solutions lend unique aesthetic appeal, functionality, affordability and sustainable benefits to a variety of structures interior and exterior. Cambridge Architectural offers full system design, engineering and collaboration from concept through installation – in the most challenging building environments and under the strictest budgets. Cambridge Architectural metal fabric systems are categorized by the primary applications they serve, including parking structures, exterior shades, facades, canopies, curtains and others. As a member of the United States Green Building Council, Cambridge Architectural is committed to promoting methods, technology and products resulting in environmentally responsible and healthy buildings. The Cambridge Architectural team develops systems that meet or exceed LEED requirements and provides consultation and direction on a project-by-project basis. 

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