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Stainless steel mesh canopies are designed to ensure maximum sun blockage while allowing air to pass through. 

The interaction of the material with light varies, based on the openness of the mesh pattern. Closed, tight weaves can block illumination completely, while more open patterns pass varying degrees of light and heat.

Cambridge creates architectural mesh canopies to meet various design needs. Mesh panels may be installed horizontally overhead, parallel or an angle to the ground to allow for optimized shading. Long mesh panels are stretched between stainless steel cables which are integrated into the mesh panels to accommodate effective tensioning without any intermediate supports within the panels.

Cambridge canopies achieve an unparalleled aesthetic, featuring clean, cascading sections of metal fabric that form an impressive exterior design element.  Architectural mesh is resistant to denting, scratches and corrosion, ultimately saving on costly repairs and replacements.  With a lifecycle measured in decades, architectural mesh canopy systems are more beautiful and functional than traditional alternatives.

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