Jewish Chapel at the U.S. Naval Academy Jewish Chapel at the U.S. Naval Academy / Annapolis, Maryland


Mesh ceiling systems provide both a stylish and functional solution for almost any application imaginable.  Metal fabric acts as a sophisticated façade for overhead ventilation and sprinkler systems, and allows light to be elegantly diffused off of its varying patterns.  It can be painted any color, and is custom-fit to its respective ceiling so that very little maintenance is required.  Architectural mesh is resistant to denting, scratches and corrosion, ultimately saving on costly repairs and replacements.  Mesh also boasts properties that create effective acoustic control and ventilation.  With a lifecycle measured in decades, architectural mesh ceiling systems are more beautiful and functional than traditional alternatives.

Cambridge currently offers three types of ceiling systems:

The tensioned ceiling system uses metal fabric to create an extended surface that can be specified for any requested length, even hundreds of feet, while remaining completely flat. The steel framework ceiling system allows mesh to create almost any shape or design by attaching to a custom steel framework. Finally, the draped ceiling system uses a combination of tension attachment hardware and additional steel components to anchor the mesh panels at an angle for draping.

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