Texas A&M Memorial Student Center Texas A&M Memorial Student Center / College Station, Texas

Corporate Identity/Signage

Woven stainless steel fabric systems are utilized to create panels that support a company’s signage. Custom metal fabric patterns featuring corporate colors or other exotic metals are also available. Lighting effects or branding imagery can also be projected onto the mesh  surface of metal fabric patterns with a unique and highly desirable result as it can affect shoppers’ emotions and attention towards the company.

Any image can be laser etched or sandblasted into Cambridge’s metal fabric, creating a truly personalized and sophisticated design element - perfect for corporate branding applications.

Cambridge Architectural offers corporate branding elements that deliver quick visual clues to brand identity which is crucial in this age in which consumers are overindulged with choice. Corporate Branding mesh systems provide unique opportunities for displaying elements of corporate branding while strengthening and managing the perceptions of your business.

Cambridge Architectural mesh systems appear frequently on retail and other commercial buildings because of the new and unique aesthetics they provide. This allows architects to experiment with these systems to create interesting building facades at an affordable price. 

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