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Exterior Shades

Cambridge exterior shading systems save energy and and serve important function in daylighting. Metal mesh shades sunlight, reducing heat load, cooling requirements and ultimately energy consumption.

Cambridge offers four systems, each designed to provide the right amount of shade exactly where it's needed. Each of these four components features your choice of metal fabric pattern and tensioned attachment hardware. Systems include:

VEIL - Mesh panels installed parallel to a structure, vertically.

FIN - Mesh panels intalled perpendicular, or at a specific angle to a structure, vertically.

VISOR - Mesh panels installed perpendicular to a structure, above windows, horizontally.

CANOPY - Mesh panels installed horizontally overhead, parallel or a an angle to the ground.

Because open weave metal fabrics also promote ventilation and reduce glare while maintaining views, Cambridge exterior shades provide more benefits than traditional shading systems and can be specified for almost any opacity, shading or heat reductionrequirement. Based on the mesh pattern, the interaction of the material with light and heat varies. Closed, tight weaves can block a high percentage of infrared radiation and visible light, while more open patterns allow greater levels of transmission. Cambridge provides solar heat gain data to assist in mesh pattern selection.

Cambridge exterior shading systems also help to reduce light pollution at night by shading a building's interior lighting.

Cambridge mesh is lightweight and requires minimal structural support, reducing material and labor costs. And, all exterior shading systems are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable and contribute to LEED V3.

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