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Interior Design

With Cambridge’s variety of flexible and rigid architectural mesh patterns and attachment hardware, there are endless possibilities for interior design applications. From wall cladding to space sculpting to ceilings and unique artistic touches, Cambridge provides a material worthy of the highest-profile interiors.

Extraordinary interior design demands extraordinarily beautiful and reliable materials. Cambridge woven metal fabrics, alone, are works of art, designed and hand-crafted by skilled weavers who understand that beauty and quality are central to the transformation of any space.

From smaller, complementary touches, to large-scale space sculpting, from traditional to contemporary looks, Cambridge interior mesh systems produce an enduring elegance.

Cambridge interior systems dress walls, ceilings, columns, doors, and casework in brilliantly reflective, textured and durable metal fabrics. As a cladding, mesh is virtually indestructible and maintenance-free, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as lobbies and elevator cabs.

These systems work hand-in-hand with - or even improve - other building systems. For example, mesh installed horizontally across a ceiling and below lighting fixtures, softly diffuses lighting while masking HVAC and fire protection systems. The acoustic transparency of open weaves make woven metal fabric the ideal material to mask sound absorption materials in auditoriums.

Expansive mesh ceilings are installed with surprising efficiency using tensioned attachment hardware to suspend wide and extremely long mesh panels horizontally and perfectly flat - no matter how great the span.

For window or room dividing curtains, or as an alternative to folding or sliding panelized room dividing systems, flexible mesh is installed with hardware that provides movement or retractability - either manually or automatically. Unlike other alternatives, woven metal fabric creates distinct spaces, while maintaining a degree of visibility and ample ventilation.

Of course, mesh also creates stunning effects with reflected light of any color, making its design possibilities virtually endless.

Cambridge woven metal mesh stands the test of time, and stands alone as a distinct design element capable of creating the most fascinating, innovative and undeniably beautiful spaces.

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