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Parking Structures

The aesthetic appeal of today's parking structures is as critical as the utility they provide. The must be elegant, thematic, and attract business. Contemporary mixed-use facilities feature artfully integrated parking facilities with design elements that become thematic to the overall facility. Today, it's even becoming more common ot find exterior design features of a parking carried into the interiors of the facility it serves.

Architects who use Cambridge Parkade architectural mesh systems discover that mesh can help achieve these aesthetic objectives while maximizing funtionality.

Architectural mesh's highly textured and glimmering surfaces intrigue and invite drivers to park within its confines. Meanwhile, the system performs a myriad of important tasks, such as fall protection, shading, ventilation and headlight attenuation.

Large panels of flexible, open weaves are installed in flat or curved forms using straight or curved tensioned attachment hardware, or with flat or curved framing elements. Or, when architectural cabling is utilized for installation, mesh panels seemingly float across the face of an open structure.

With Cambridge Architectural's expert-led intallation, no other cladding material transforms ordinary open parking structures into truly extraordinary architecture as effortlessly, economically and environmentally sound as Cambridge's systems.

WIth Cambridge parking systems, your next parking structure can occupy an important space in a new generation of parking design.

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