A select portfolio of metal mesh installations for high profile architectural projects in the hospitality and entertainment industry.

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ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
A custom S-shaped metal fabric system is an eye-catching veil on the ARIA’s convention center facade. Its undulating, scrim-like properties create a beautiful and elegant shimmer without obstructing views or impeding airflow.
Mesh Pattern: Pellican (custom pattern named for architect)
Attachment System: Eclipse

National World War II Museum, New Orleans
The museum’s American Sector restaurant is marked by a one-of-a-kind tensioned ceiling system.  Curved mesh panels flow seamlessly overhead while facilitating soft lighting and complementing wood partitions.
Mesh Pattern:  Cubist
Attachment System:  Custom Curved Steel Framework

W Hoboken Hotel and Residences
A dynamic wall of floor to ceiling mesh is the focal point of the chic hotel lobby. Stainless steel panels reflect colored light and create a flowing effect that frames the welcome desk.
Mesh Pattern: Shade
Attachment System: Micro Eclipse

Hotel Americano, New York City
A large screen reduces glare and texturizes the hotel’s exterior façade. At night, it exudes interior light and elevator movement creating an inviting dance from street view. Mesh is also used for canopy shading and privacy screens on the roof top deck. 
Mesh Patterns: Cubist, Braid, Matte, Ridge
Attachment Systems:  Scroll, Eyebolt Tension, Framed Panels


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