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  • UMass Dartmouth Carney Library

    Custom Mesh Turns the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

    The following article originally appeared in the October issue of Metal Architecture magazine. The guest column was authored by Ivan Zorn, engineer and sales manager for Cambridge Architectural Mesh in Cambridge, Maryland.  An increasing number of architects and contractors are turning to manufacturers who can work with them to specify, customize, produce and install woven…

  • University of Calgary Taylor Family Library with Cambridge Architectural Mesh

    Library Design: It’s an Open Book with Metal Mesh

    Over the years, university libraries have been one of the most popular building categories using Cambridge Architectural metal mesh. Whether it’s new construction or a renovation of a classic structure, libraries are frequently high profile projects and the cornerstone of many college campuses. Woven metal fabric can serve a dual purpose to create a spectacular…

  • St Armands Circle Garage and Cambridge Architectural Mesh

    5 Favorite Parking Design Projects using Metal Mesh

    Typically there is nothing remarkable about parking project exterior design. In most cases, it’s pretty basic — precast garage structures designed to work efficiently with minimal aesthetic appeal. But is that really the best answer for the garage owner, garage users, surrounding residents and businesses and the community at large? With minimal investment and some…

  • San Mateo County Maple Street Correctional Center and Cambridge Architectural Mesh

    Using Metal Mesh for Sustainable Design

    Woven metal fabric is a sustainable building material that reduces environmental strain. The metals Cambridge Architectural uses for mesh facades and other project applications are readily recyclable and come from recycled materials. As is the metal attachment hardware we produce to secure mesh to building structures. They have become a key sustainable design element for…

  • Martinez Amtrak Station Pedestrian Bridge and Cambridge Architectural Mesh

    How to Skywalk with Metal Mesh

    Woven stainless steel mesh from Cambridge Architectural is a perfect choice for enclosing exterior pedestrian bridges, skywalks or overpasses that help commuters cross waterways, rail lines, highways and parking areas. While enhancing the aesthetics of overhead crossings, our metal fabric protects walkers, ventilates area ways and offers unobstructed views from above and below. In addition,…


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Metal Mesh From Cambridge Architectural Screens New ProMedica Garage While Framing Facade’s Video Screen

Metal Mesh from Cambridge Architectural Provides Day-Night Design Element for Jefferson Washington Township Hospital Garage

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