Cirque Apartment Homes and Cambridge Architectural Mesh

Cirque Apartment Homes

Dallas, Texas | Pool Deck Circular Mesh Curtains

Mesh hanging in circular “pods” provides a vibrant and fashionable design for the high-end apartment’s 7th floor pool deck and lounge. One of the mesh curtains can be moved along a track, allowing a multimedia area to be closed off from the shared space. The circular mesh frames are consistent with design concepts throughout the building and the “Cirque” name.

"We needed a durable material that required little maintenance and could withstand the higher wind load on the seventh floor pool deck. Cambridge’s mesh satisfied these needs while including the elegant and delicate nature of a fabric curtain."

Edmund Ramirez, Page

Product Information

> Mid-Balance Mesh

50% open area

> Curtain Attachment



Design Firm

GDA Architects

General Contractor

Hanover Company