Cotton Bowl Stadium

Dallas, Texas | Decorative Façade and Light Veil

The stadium renovation called for cosmetic upgrades to the north and south exterior facades at the end zones. The winning concept in the project’s public art design competition – “Light Veil” – incorporated flexible woven metal fabric to achieve desired aesthetics, especially with the material’s reaction to sunlight. The design features a series of ribbons that come inward from the top of the structure, then cinch and continue to flow downward to create elegant form. The mesh maintains the curves of the stadium, achieves light filtering objectives and befits the pageantry and prestige of the games played within the stadium.

"The stainless steel mesh allowed us to create form for the end zones and to provide a sense of enclosure, while allowing views in and out, as well as air circulation and ventilation through the system."

Katharine McClellan, James Carpenter Design Associates

Product Information

> Mid-Balance Mesh

> Pellican Mesh

29-50% open area, 508 panels,

> Eclipse Attachment



Design Firm

James Carpenter Design Associates

General Contractor

Balfour Beatty Construction