James Bowie High School Garage

Austin, Texas | Stairwell Enclosure

The modernization of the 3,000-student Bowie High -- the largest school in the Austin Independent School District -- included a new four-story, 486-space parking garage. The north elevation stairwell is enclosed with Cambridge's Magothy parking screen, a pre-engineered system that was an attractive and economical approach to fully enclosing the structure for the safety of student and faculty drivers. The mesh's wide, U-shaped openings promote views, daylight and ventilation.

"Our client wanted a fully enclosed primary stair tower for the safety of the students while maintaining an open view. We found Cambridge's pre-engineered Magothy screening to be more economical than other alternatives due to the tensioned mesh requiring less supporting steel structure. It was also more durable and attractive and required no additional time for customization."

Shelby Blessing, Page

Product Information

> Cubist Mesh

80% open area, 12 panels, 1,686 sq. ft.

> Eyebolt Attachment

Pre-Engineered Systems

> Magothy Parking Screen




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