Ballpark Village - One Cardinal Way

St. Louis, Missouri | Apartment Tower Parking Facade

The 29-story luxury apartment building in St. Louis' Ballpark Village opposite Busch Stadium's center field, incorporates a metal mesh facade to screen the building's parking garage on levels 2 thru 8.

"The aspirational form of the sleek glass tower is anchored by a solid base primarily comprised of an alternating pattern of architectural precast panels and the metal mesh screen. Aside from its aesthetic benefit, the mesh panels satisfied the functional challenge of allowing natural ventilation while preventing visibility into the parking garage. The radiance of the stainless steel mesh offered a vibrant compliment to the subdued luster of the concrete panels. "

Brian Gobell, Hord Coplan Macht

Product Information

> Mid-Shade Mesh

42% open area

> Eyebolt Attachment