U.S. Customs Area at Montreal-Trudeau

Doval, Quebec, Canada | Movable Partition

Travelers passing through U.S. Customs at the international airport see a unique security partition of strong, yet flexible mesh that raises and lowers mechanically. The fabric’s large open weave creates a sense of openness and an unobtrusive and polished look for the secure space. Each curtain panel connects to prevent individuals and materials from passing through. The bottoms of each panel rise simultaneously. When lowered, electromagnets hold the panels to the floor and make them immovable.

"Near the end of its installation, this product was generating buzz, and it quickly became the central focus of the entire airport expansion project. Considering this was a first-of-its-kind motorized partition, the installation process went smoothly. Every time a change had to be made, Cambridge helped to make it happen without a hitch."

Rolando Riflorati, Corflex Partitions

Product Information

> Mid-Balance Mesh

50% open area

> Curtain Attachment


Jodoin Lamarre Pratte Architectes