201 E. 70th Street 201 E. 70th Street / New York City, New York, United States

201 E. 70th Street

Functions: Cladding
Applications: Elevators, Interior Design
Mesh: Tailor
Attachment: Panel
  • Location: New York City, New York, United States
  • Year Completed: 2016
  • End Use: Multi-Family Residential
  • Prime Design Firm: Sierra Consulting Group
  • Installer: Velis Associates
  • Owner: 201 East 79th Street Tenants


The 21-story luxury cooperative high rise is located in Manhattan's fashionable Upper East Side neighborhood of Yorkville. Built in 1963 for apartment rentals, the building was converted to 168 co-op units in 1968.  The tenant owners embarked on a lobby renovation in 2016 that included the installation of Tailor stainless steel mesh on the lower half of each elevator cab.  The closely weaved metal fabric with only one percent open area is brilliantly reflective and texturized.


Finer and lighter than other Cambridge metal mesh patterns, Tailor is both an elegant and durable design solution for the co-op's highly trafficked elevator cabs to guard against denting, scratching and marring.


Tailor, like all Cambridge metal mesh patterns, is a naturally sustainable building product that is virtually maintenance-free and is manufactured from recycled materials. A cold forming process to produce the mesh creates a lower environmental impact than heat-treated products. This helps designers and architects achieve LEED certifications. 

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201 E. 70th Street | Cambridge Architectural


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