AMC Starplex Loudoun Station AMC Starplex Loudoun Station / Ashburn, Virginia, United States

AMC Starplex Loudoun Station

Functions: Visibility
Attachment: Eclipse
  • Location: Ashburn, Virginia, United States
  • Year Completed: 2015
  • End Use: Retail
  • Architect: HKS, Washington, D.C.
  • Developer: Comstock Partners
  • Installer: Triangle Sign & Service, Arbutus, Maryland
  • Owner: AMC Starplex


The AMC Starplex cinemas is the southern anchor of Loudoun Station, a mixed-used retail, office and residential development at the western terminus of the Metro Silver Line in the rapidly growing community of Ashburn, Virginia near Dulles International Airport. Architects approached Cambridge Architectural to produce a metal mesh sign to frame and support the gold Starplex brand lettering.


More than 1,500 feet of Mid-Balance mesh panels with 50 percent open area were specified for the project. Supported with an Eclipse attachment system, the sign flanks the left side of the cinema's facadae extending from the entrance windows to above the roof.


Extremely durable, metal mesh is made of entirely recyclable stainless steel. Its lightweight composition requires minimal structural support and far outlasts alternative products. 


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