Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry (CCBI) Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry (CCBI) / Salem, Oregon, USA

Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry (CCBI)

Applications: Exterior Shades
Attachment: Eclipse
"Cambridge was very helpful in the design-build process. They built a detailed mock-up of the mesh fin and sent a representative on site to show us how the product would be attached to the building. As a result, the installation process went very smoothly, and the final product looks great!"
- Bruce Van Hine, Project Manager, JE Dunn Construction
  • Location: Salem, Oregon, USA
  • Year Completed: 2009
  • End Use: Academic
  • Architect: Arbuckle Costic Architects, Inc. - Salem, OR
  • General Contractor: JE Dunn Construction - Portland, OR
  • Installer: JE Dunn Construction - Portland, OR
  • Owner: Chemeketa Community College


Architectural mesh fins lie perpendicular to the exterior of the Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry (CCBI), creating a unique texture and dramatic design for the building on the campus of Chemeketa Community College in Salem, OR. The pre-engineered mesh Fins lie at a three-degree angle perpendicular to the building's facade. Jutting out to add depth and interest, the stainless steel accents allowed the design team to control the amount of light entering the space.

The sleek, modern panels serve as elegant dividers between CCBI's windows and beautifully complement the brick that makes up the main structure.


To achieve Silver-LEED® certification, CCBI's design incorporated different energy efficient strategies, including the installation of Cambridge's Fin product. The inherent nature of architectural mesh allows it to block light, but remain transparent at the same time. The perpendicular placement of the mesh Fins adjacent to the building's windows allowed views to be optimized while reducing heat gain generated by harsh sunlight.


To fit the overall design needs for CCBI, Cambridge provided a strategically-designed exterior specifically built to the project team's specifications. A representative from Cambridge was sent on site to show the team how the product would be attached to the building, ensuring an issue-free and cost-effective installation. Additionally, stainless steel architectural mesh is a material that is virtually indestructible, outlasting most other materials in durability and is 100% recyclable. It can contribute to solar heat gain reduction and does not mitigate views - all important considerations for high-performance buildings. Cambridge Architectural is an active member of the USGBC® and helps architects take maximum advantage of LEED credit through the many categories in which architectural mesh systems apply, including optimized energy performance, incorporation of recycled content, the facilitation of daylighting and new construction.

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