Chrystie Place Chrystie Place / Manhattan, New York, USA

Chrystie Place

Functions: Cladding
Applications: Elevators, Interior Design
Mesh: Circuit
Attachment: Panel
"Cambridge Architectural mesh is the perfect material for elevator cabs. The combination of unique dimensional architectural composition combined with the much needed durability factor - not to mention the fact that it meets all elevator codes - make Cambridge Architectural mesh the ideal cladding material."
- Doug Gilman, President, Elite Elevator Cab, Inc.
  • Location: Manhattan, New York, USA
  • Year Completed: 2006
  • End Use: Multi-Family Residential
  • Architect: BG Studio International, Inc. – New York, NY
  • General Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease – New York, NY
  • Installer: Elite Elevator Cab, Inc. - Garden City Park, NJ
  • Owner: AvalonBay Communities, Inc.


A Cambridge Architectural mesh application adorns the elevator cabs inside Chrystie Place - a mixed-use and multi-family residential development in the heart of Manhattan.

The custom brass weave of the metal fabric creates a contrast with the other interior design elements, like sleek wooden veneer, resulting in a contemporary yet classic look and feel. Depth and texture are an integral part of the design, as the woven metal fabric transforms what would have been an ordinary application into a dynamic work of art. As a cladding system, woven metal mesh continues to raise the bar on style and sophistication.


The elevators inside Chrystie Place carry hundreds of passengers each day, so they require a durable cladding material. The Cambridge system offers the perfect solution - an extremely durable yet aesthetically pleasing cladding. Woven metal fabric is also inherently resistant to scratching, denting and corrosion.


Each unique Cambridge rigid woven metal mesh pattern is designed to work in conjunction with Cambridge's Panel attachment hardware. This method allows for a quicker, easier and more affordable way to clad an elevator, since it takes the guesswork out of how to install the mesh. Once installed, metal fabric requires little maintenance. It can be simply, easily cleaned with water and a soft cloth.

Woven metal mesh is a naturally sustainable building product, since it is readily recyclable and is manufactured from recycled materials. Metal fabric is also virtually maintenance free, and maintains an extremely long lifecycle. Even the manufacturing process for architectural mesh applications - a cold forming process - creates a lower environmental impact than the process for heat treated products. Cambridge Architectural is an active member of the USGBC®, and helps architects take maximum advantage of LEED credit through the many categories in which architectural mesh systems apply.

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