Community Hospital North Community Hospital North / Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Community Hospital North

"Located at the entrance to the hospital, and visible from the interstate, the parking garage design required a unique and attractive exterior building material. But we needed a product that would also offer ventilation, fall protection and security. Cambridge Architectural's mesh system exceeded our requirements and expectations."
- Mark Hayden, Project Manager, Community Health Network
  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  • Year Completed: 2006
  • End Use: Healthcare, Parking Garage
  • Architect: RTKL Associates, Inc. — Dallas, TX
  • General Contractor: Summit Construction — Indianapolis, IN
  • Installer: ProCLAD, Inc. — Noblesville, IN
  • Owner: Community Health Network


Forty thousand square feet of Cambridge Architectural woven metal fabric wraps Community Hospital North parking garage, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the structure. The Cambridge mesh system redefines parking garage design, transforming this Indianapolis, IN facility from parking structure to parking sculpture. Once the sun sets, the panels come alive as only mesh can, thanks to the dramatic exterior lighting system.


By allowing exhaust fumes to freely exit the garage while permitting fresh air to flow in, the metal fabric pattern meets ventilation requirements for parking garages. Day or night, the woven mesh provides multiple types of protection. Daytime sun shading prevents harsh sunlight from heating up car interiors. At night, mesh's open design allows light and visibility throughout the garage, discouraging unsafe situations. The Cambridge mesh system also serves as a human fall-restraint and security barrier.


Cambridge Architectural systems reduce cost by combining brilliant styling with multiple functions. Because of metal mesh's open area, garages can still qualify as open structures, allowing architects to use less costly fire suppression systems. Furthermore, the Cambridge system's ability to serve as a fall-restraint eliminates the need for additional handrails.

Eclipse attachment hardware is a patented stainless attachment that grips and holds metal fabric in tension, instead of additional hardware to keep the panels in place. It further contributes to cost reduction by allowing widespread coverage with minimal attachment hardware or structural requirements. Metal fabric's lightweight, open air design eliminates the reliance on costly HVAC systems by naturally encouraging air flow.

Easing the reliance on HVAC systems is not only financially beneficial but eco-friendly as well. Less energy is required to maintain the same amount of air flow. Cambridge's Architectural mesh applications also reduce solar heat gain, promote the use of natural light and diminish light pollution. Materials used in all Cambridge Architectural systems are 100% recyclable in addition to being comprised of a high volume of recycled material. Cambridge Architectural is an active member of the USGBC®.

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