Grace Court Grace Court / Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Grace Court

"Aesthetically, the stainless steel mesh matches the clear aluminum window frames of Grace Court's adjacent office buildings. And functionally, the material provides fall protection for the garage's stair tower."
- Robert Smith, Associate, Dick & Fritsche Design Group, Inc.
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  • Year Completed: 2008
  • End Use: Corporate, Parking Garage
  • Architect: Dick & Fritsche Design Group, Inc. - Phoenix, AZ
  • General Contractor: D.L. Withers Construction - Phoenix, AZ
  • Installer: D.L. Withers Construction - Phoenix, AZ
  • Owner: DePonte Investments, Inc.


The four-square-block Grace Court plan, a project designed to revive an underdeveloped urban area in the periphery of the Phoenix Downtown District, boasts a renovated historic Grace Court School and three new office buildings. One of the new buildings occupies the same locale as the former Phoenix Madison Square Garden arena, constructed in 1929 for professional boxing and wrestling matches, and in fact its first floor houses a museum honoring the arena, which was named after the famous venue in New York City. To maintain design consistency, Grace Court's parking garage needed to match the modern and upscale aesthetic of the surrounding buildings.

A sleek, tensioned metal fabric system smartly and cleanly clads the exterior of the 800-space parking garage servicing the new Grace Court complex. The modern appearance of the mesh adds to the overall contemporary vibe of the development, while giving the garage's exterior a distinctive aerodynamic look.


The architectural mesh system specified for the Grace Court parking garage provides a unique facade without obstructing views or impeding airflow throughout the structure. The chosen pattern offers security to garage occupants, but also facilitates air ventilation and views of the garage's surroundings. The end result is a dynamic and functionally versatile exterior building element.


Cambridge Architectural’s applications always combine superior aesthetics with high-quality performance, eliminating the need for alternative materials for open structures such as louvers or other fall protection systems. In the Grace Court parking garage, the virtual indestructibility and lifecycle of the mesh facade reduces maintenance costs, and assures that there will be no need for replacement materials. Additionally, Cambridge's metal fabric panels were specifically engineered to fit the open areas of the garage using their patented Eclipse™ attachment system, ensuring a successful and issue-free installation.

Cambridge Architectural Mesh is 100% recyclable. Cambridge Architectural is an active member of the USGBC®, and helps architects take maximum advantage of LEED credit through the many categories in which architectural mesh systems apply.

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