Hayden Hayden / Long Island City, New York, United States


Functions: Cladding
Applications: Elevators, Interior Design
Mesh: Stipple
Attachment: Panel
  • Location: Long Island City, New York, United States
  • Year Completed: 2017
  • End Use: Multi-Family Residential
  • Architect: SPAN Architecture
  • Developer: Rockrose Development
  • Installer: EDI-ECI
  • Owner: 42-25 Hunter II LLC


Long Island's City's tallest residential tower, the 51-story Hayden at Court Square opened in 2017 with 974 luxury apartment units. Designers selected a unique combination of two Cambridge metal mesh patterns to provide an elegant design for elevator cab cladding:   Bead, an alternating stainless steel and brass pattern for the side walls; and Stipple, a stainless steel pattern for the lower half of the cab's back wall.


Both beautiful and durable, the two tightly weaved metal mesh patterns offer a distinctive finish for the elevator interiors in Queen's largest residential building while protecting against scratches and dents caused by the thousands of daily passengers.


Made of recycled materials for environmental benefit, the sheer durability and lifecyle of Cambridge elevator cladding virtually eliminates maintainance costs and assures that there is no need for replacement materials. 

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