High/Alma South High/Alma South / Palo Alto, California, USA

High/Alma South

"The High/Alma project is a great example of the unique and versatile capabilities of our metal fabric systems. In this case, we were able to match the structure's modern design while still adding a style unique to Cambridge Architectural."
- Heather Collins, Director of Marketing, Cambridge Architectural
  • Location: Palo Alto, California, USA
  • Year Completed: 2003
  • End Use: Parking Garage
  • Architect: Joseph Bellomo Architects, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
  • General Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. - San Francisco, CA
  • Installer: Beck Steel, Inc. - Lubbock, TX
  • Owner: City of Palo Alto, Calif.


Stylishly wrapping the stairwell tower at High/Alma South Parking Garage, Cambridge Architectural's metal mesh system blends perfectly with the structure's modern design. Once the sun sets, the building's light system illuminates the garage in a vibrant aqua green while the mesh stunningly reflect the yellow lighting inside the stairwell.


While the beauty of the High/Alma project confirms mesh's aesthetic qualities, the functional characteristics of Cambridge’s systems are just as prominent. With 65% open area, the Braid mesh pattern allows fresh air to easily flow into and out of the structure. The durable stainless mesh also provides an added layer of security and serves as a fall protection barrier.


By serving multiple roles, Cambridge Architectural systems eliminate the need for additional components such as handrails, lowering cost. The open area design of woven metal fabric also reduces the need for costly HVAC system by encouraging a natural air flow throughout the structure. Additionally, all Cambridge systems feature high levels of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

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