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"We specified architectural mesh because we wanted to mask the parking garage and improve ventilation. Cambridge is a solid company whose product allowed us to satisfy both of those needs."
- Joshua Burdick, President, SBLM Architects
  • Location: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
  • Year Completed: 2007
  • End Use: Parking Garage, Retail
  • Architect: SBLM Architects - New York, NY
  • General Contractor: Hunter Roberts Construction Group - Bedminster, NJ
  • Installer: Cambridge Architectural - Cambridge, MD
  • Owner: The Home Depot®


Sitting prominently at the base of the Holland Tunnel, over 100,000 cars pass this well-known retailer every day. A Cambridge Architectural mesh system stylishly cloaks the store's adjacent parking garage, lending modern, clean visual appeal to the structure.

Cambridge metal fabric dresses the Home Depot garage in a sophisticated and streamlined manner.


Home Depot's Cambridge mesh system greatly improves ventilation – the open area of the mesh cladding allows fresh air in, expelling noxious car exhaust. During daylight hours, Cambridge Architectural exterior cladding material shades the sun, and at night the mesh material decreases the amount of light pollution emitted by automobiles inside. Finally, the mesh integrates well with other building materials used on the structure, making installation simple and overall performance optimal.


The mesh system was created with Cambridge's patented Eclipse attachment hardware – a stainless steel tension attachment that grips and holds metal fabric in tension at the top and bottom of a panel. The hardware does not require embedded supports and allows large panels of mesh to be installed at one time, dramatically cutting down project costs.

By promoting improved air quality through increased ventilation, Cambridge’s solution reduces the reliance on energy-consuming HVAC systems. Additionally, all materials used in Cambridge solutions are engineered to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Once these materials, with a high volume of recycled content, reach the end of their lifecycles, they can be easily recycled into the next generation of architectural mesh.

Cambridge Architectural is an active member of the USGBC®, and helps architects take maximum advantage of LEED credit through the many categories in which architectural mesh systems apply.


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