Merritt Clubs Canton Merritt Clubs Canton / Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Merritt Clubs Canton

Applications: Parking Structures
Mesh: Cubist
Attachment: Eyebolt
We wanted to use a material and system that was sophisticated through its simplicity and conducive to longevity in a maritime environment. Cambridge was fantastic. They gave us a tour of their plant to show the history of their operation and how that has led to producing high-quality architectural mesh finishes.
- Michael Burton, President, Urban Design Group
  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • Year Completed: 2018
  • End Use: Parking Garage
  • Architect: Urban Design Group, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Engineer: Carroll Engineering, Hunt Valley, Maryland
  • General Contractor: Merritt Construction Services, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Owner: Merritt Clubs


Merritt Clubs, a Maryland-based fitness facilities developer and operator, embarked on a $20-million expansion of its Canton Club in Baltimore to include a new eight-story tower with six parking decks, a rooftop pool, bar, restaurant and additional workout space. Integrating the new facility's facade into the vernacular architecture of the surrounding industrial area in a modern way, Urban Design Group (UDG) selected Cambridge Architectural's stainless steel mesh to screen the parking garage's east and west openings.


Working with Cambridge, UDG specified Cubist flexible mesh with 80 percent open area, which provides sufficient solar shading, while preserving views of Baltimore's waterfront. Fifteen panels of mesh, some as large as 13.5 x 75 feet, were hung with Cambrige's Eyebolt attachment system.


In selecting metal mesh, the architects chose a material and system that was sophisticated through its simplicity and conducive to longevity in a maritime environment to meet the requirements of the Urban Design and Architecture Review Panel in Baltimore. Cambridge mesh systems are virtually indestructible and hold up well in any climate or environment, eliminating the need for repair and replacement.

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