Minnesota BioBusiness Center Minnesota BioBusiness Center / Rochester, Minnesota, USA

Minnesota BioBusiness Center

"The new parkade is located right on Rochester's ‘main street,' among pedestrian-related businesses and other attractions. Cambridge's material helped to create the perfect aesthetic for such a highly-visible building, and it's been a great addition to the city."
- Terry Spaeth, Senior Administrative Analyst, City of Rochester, MN
  • Location: Rochester, Minnesota, USA
  • Year Completed: 2009
  • End Use: Mixed-Use, Parking Garage
  • Architect: HGA Architects and Engineers – Rochester, MN
  • General Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson Construction – Minneapolis, MN
  • Installer: Cambridge Architectural - Cambridge, MD
  • Owner: City of Rochester, MN


Located in the heart of Rochester, the Minnesota BioBusiness Center provides a prime operating location for biotechnology and medical device companies. It is surrounded by world-renowned research facilities like the Mayo Clinic and IBM Rochester, not to mention a host of high-profile restaurants and retailers that make up the lively downtown. With so much traffic, a call went out for an expanded municipal parking garage to be placed adjacent to the Center. That's when the call came in to Cambridge.

A Cambridge architectural mesh system veils the east and west facing facades of the garage, sleekly dressing up the concrete structure. On the east-facing side, the mesh also complements the glass exterior of the pedestrian walkway system connecting two of the Minnesota BioBusiness Center's main buildings, blending in perfectly with their architectural style. At night, Cambridge's mesh elegantly diffuses the light emitted from inside the parking garage, creating a glow that softens the structure's look.


The sweeping mesh panels that canvas the Minnesota BioBusiness Center parking garage are designed to protect the facility from harsh Minnesota winter weather by acting as a durable, relatively maintenance-free barrier. Furthermore, the panels manage to adequately cover the structure's exterior without restricting airflow - always an important consideration for parking garages.

Additionally, Cambridge's patented Scroll tension attachment hardware was used to install the mesh panels on the facility's exterior because it has the ability to hide the attachment behind it, keeping the focus on the metal fabric.


The sturdy Cambridge system requires very little maintenance costs, securing itself as a well-made long-term investment. Additionally, stainless steel architectural mesh is a recyclable material that is virtually indestructible, outlasting most other materials in durability and ultimately reducing the need to repair or replace the exterior. Overall, Cambridge developed an ideal system to address all the visual and functional needs of the project team, specifically engineering the system to the building's exterior to assure a streamlined installation.

By promoting improved air quality through increased ventilation, the mesh solution reduced the reliance on energy-consuming HVAC systems.

Cambridge Architectural is an active member of the USGBC®, and helps architects take maximum advantage of LEED credit through the many categories in which architectural mesh systems apply.

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