The National Archives at Atlanta - Southeast Region The National Archives at Atlanta - Southeast Region / Morrow, Georgia, United States

The National Archives at Atlanta - Southeast Region

Applications: Facades, Open Structures
Mesh: Infinity
Attachment: U-Binding
“The Cambridge Architectural mesh system we chose meets security regulations that limit openings to no larger than one inch. The mesh also allowed us to enclose the patio and keep it controlled without looking boxy. It provided a clean aesthetic that goes with the contemporary design of the building.”
- Carissa Faroughi, Project Manager , Peck Peck & Associates
  • Location: Morrow, Georgia, United States
  • Year Completed: 2006
  • End Use: Government
  • Architect: Peck Peck & Associates Interior Design Group - Woodbridge, VA
  • Installer: FabMaster, Inc. - Atlanta, GA
  • Owner: National Archives and Records Administration


There is a modern brilliance in the architectural design of the National Archives Southeast Region campus.  Cambridge Architectural provides a mesh system which defines the boundaries of the exterior dining area, complying not only with the building’s contemporary design, but also with National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) security regulations.  The system provides a light and airy presence, while offering reliable strength and security.


The Cambridge architectural mesh system is made from Grid stainless steel woven metal supported by customized U-Frame attachment hardware. The primary function of Security & Safety systems is to provide.   Cambridge provides a perfect system solution offering aesthetically pleasing methods of protection for people.



Cambridge Architectural’s mesh systems are virtually indestructible, and are therefore not prone to damage by general use, or wear and tear. The metal fabric also eliminates the need for any significant maintenance, and ensures that the system will rarely, if ever, require repair or replacement.  Cambridge always offers full engineering support for its systems, and honors a Gross Maximum Pricing model – assuring clients that regardless of how the project’s needs change, Cambridge’s price will not. Cambridge manufactures 100% recyclable stainless steel entirely in the USA, and is an active member of the USGBC®.

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The National Archives at Atlanta - Southeast Region | Cambridge Architectural


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