North Miami High School Parking Garage North Miami High School Parking Garage / North Miami, Florida, United States

North Miami High School Parking Garage

  • Location: North Miami, Florida, United States
  • Year Completed: 2008
  • End Use: Academic
  • Architect: Zyscovich Architects, Inc. - Miami, FL
  • General Contractor: Suffolk Construction Company - Miami, FL
  • Owner: Miami Dade County Public School


Aligning with North Miami Beach Senior High School’s mission in creating a safe and effective learning environment, Cambridge Architectural mesh system’s open design allows light and visibility throughout the garage discouraging unsafe situations while adding a shining piece of architecture to enhance the school. Pulling off a fittingly smart design that only metal mesh can, the stainless steel system facilitates maximum visual comfort to the students, faculty and staff at the school.



By allowing exhaust fumes to freely exit the garage while permitting fresh air to flow in, Cambridge’s metal fabric pattern meets ventilation requirements for parking garages. Day or night, the woven mesh provides multiple types of protection, including safety for its users. During the day, the architectural mesh prevents harsh Miami sunlight from heating up car interiors. At night, the 56% open area of the mesh pattern allows for transparency in a setting where space needs to be closed off, but light and visibility should not—offering safety and security.

Additionally, the Cambridge system specified for this project needed to be able to withstand the extreme environmental factors of Miami, including abrasive heat and high winds. The result is an effective exterior cladding that maximizes views to create a pleasing and safe space.



Cambridge Architectural applications always combine distinguished aesthetics with high quality performance. The fundamental indestructibility and lifecycle of Cambridge’s metal fabric holds up incredibly well in the Miami climate, eliminating the need for its repair or replacement.

Due to the metal mesh’s open area, garages can still qualify as open structures, allowing architects to use less costly fire suppression systems. Cambridge Architectural systems also contribute to cost reduction by allowing widespread coverage with minimal attachment hardware or structural requirements. Metal fabric's lightweight, open air design defeats the reliance on costly HVAC systems by naturally encouraging air flow.

Easing the dependence on HVAC systems is not only financially beneficial but eco-friendly as well. Less energy is required to maintain the same amount of air flow. Cambridge’s architectural mesh applications also reduce solar heat gain, promote the use of natural light and diminish light pollution. Cambridge mesh is readily recyclable and manufactured from recycled materials. Cambridge Architectural is an active member of the USGBC®.

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