Olney Library Olney Library / Olney, Maryland, USA

Olney Library

Mesh: Pellican
Attachment: Eclipse
  • Location: Olney, Maryland, USA
  • Year Completed: 2014
  • End Use: Academic
  • Architect: Lukmire Partnership, Rockville, MD


The Montgomery County Public Library branch in Olney, Maryland was remodeled and expanded to include a 4,260-square-foot addition.


Pellican mesh is mounted above the library entrance. Lettering to identify the building is etched onto the panels. A hybrid of Cable and Eclipse attachment systems was used to hang the mesh.  Mesh is also incorporated into the Library’s west façade.


The steel mesh signage complements the library’s dark wood trim, while the mesh used for the library’s west façade provides solar shading from the afternoon sun.

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