Reservoir Woods Reservoir Woods / Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Reservoir Woods

"Cambridge's design-build process worked remarkably well for the Reservoir Woods parking project. Their collaborative efforts with our design and construction management teams played a vital role in the development of a successful strategy for the garage's screening, additionally providing a cost-effective building solution."
- Peter Darby AIA, Associate and Project Manager, Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Inc.
  • Location: Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
  • Year Completed: 2006
  • End Use: Parking Garage
  • Architect: Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Inc. - Boston, MA
  • Engineer: Capobianco & Associates, Inc. - Boston, MA
  • Construction Manager: John Moriarty & Associates - Winchester, MA
  • Owner: Marcus Partners


Reservoir Woods, a 120-acre office complex, required an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective strategy for cladding a new 871-space open parking structure. A Cambridge Architectural mesh system achieved both the visual and budget requirements, while providing numerous other unique benefits through the application of woven metal.


Reservoir Woods' system provides outstanding functionality. For example, the combined open area of the mesh cladding creates a natural ventilator. Noxious car exhaust is efficiently expelled and replaced with fresh air. On sunny days, the same metal fabric acts as a solar shade. At night - unlike parking garage louvers - the metal fabrics' transparency provides high visibility into the garage, enhancing the safety of people and property. Attached with sturdy Eclipse hardware and Cambridge engineered clips, the metal fabric also creates a code-approved fall protection barrier.


By partnering with Cambridge during the design phase of the project - which had a fixed budget with a specific design concept - the architect and owner were able to maximize savings. Cambridge was instrumental in pattern selection and layout of patterns to increase visual impact while reducing expenses. Small-framed panels were replaced with large panels in tension to dramatically reduce the cost of heavy structural supports. These changes allowed for increased coverage of the garage within a fixed budget.

Unlike closed wall cladding, the open area characteristic of Cambridge metal fabric maintained open structure benefits, such as the elimination of a costly HVAC system and significant reductions of fire sprinkler requirements. Cambridge systems materials are 100% recyclable and feature a high volume of recycled content. They are made to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance required.



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