University of Baltimore Law University of Baltimore Law / Baltimore, Maryland, United States

University of Baltimore Law

Applications: Curtains
Mesh: Shade
Attachment: Curtain
  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • Year Completed: 2013
  • Architect: Behnisch Architekten
  • General Contractor: Whiting Turner
  • Subcontractor: Commercial Interiors
  • Installer: Cambridge Architectural

A visually compelling interior curtain from Cambridge Architectural performs as a centerpiece on the 7th floor lobby of the 192,000 square foot John and Frances Angelos Law Center, a new landmark at the University of Baltimore. The curtain, an architectural stainless steel metal space divider over 30’ in length, is one of two applications at the $107 million Law Center at the University of Baltimore including on the 1st floor at the snack bar. The Cambridge curtain system has a light, ethereal aesthetic while simultaneously providing strength and durability. Coinciding with the high-tech form of the movable partition system, a refined and tasteful look is created.

The University of Baltimore School of Law partition was created with mesh in Cambridge’s Shade metal fabric pattern, which features a flexible open area of 42% which can also be used in applications which shade and screen structures including facades, pavilions, and parking garages. Cambridge’s Curtain hardware attaches flexible metal fabric to concealed hooks and permits it to roll smoothly along the track length. Flexible metal fabrics are hung sideways to maximize a draping effect. The Curtain hardware is appropriate or a diverse array of lengths of metal fabric held in tension, and can be customized to fit specific project needs.

The goal of the project was to create a sustainable solution in a durable curtain application. The Cambridge Team partnered with Behnisch Architects to ensure a sustainable result was achieved successfully. Cambridge’s stainless steel mesh satisfied these needs while exuding the elegant nature of a fabric curtain. Cambridge’s team remained on-hand throughout the entire process to ensure a successful and effective installation. As in this case, Cambridge always offers full engineering support for its systems, and honors a Gross Maximum Pricing model – assuring clients that regardless of how the project’s needs change, Cambridge’s price will not.

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