University Medical Center New Orleans University Medical Center New Orleans / New Orleans, LA, USA

University Medical Center New Orleans

  • Location: New Orleans, LA, USA
  • Year Completed: 2015
  • End Use: Healthcare
  • Architect: NBBJ/Blitch Knevel


Mesh was applied to three, seven-story patient towers and the five-level parking garage for the artfully designed $1.1 billion University Medical Center New Orleans.  Built with federal disaster relief as well as state and private funds, the 2.3 million-square-foot facility is one of the largest hospital construction projects in the United States.  It replaces older hospitals damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


Seven stories of Cambridge mesh appear on UMC’s three patient towers facing Canal Street, downtown New Orleans’ main thoroughfare. Eight panels of Mid- Balance mesh are used on floors 1-6 of each tower and angular fins of Scale mesh extend from floor six to the roof for solar shading. Eclipse and Modified Eclipse attachment systems affix the panels and fins.

Scale mesh is used on UMC’s five-story parking garage. The 86 panels are attached on Level One using a Short Infill system and on levels 2-6 using an Eclipse system.  A custom-built Shade mesh fin system adorns a south elevation on the garage that leads to the UMC helipad. An Eclipse system attaches the mesh.


The mesh provides an aesthetic enhancement over the glass and concrete curtain walls on each tower while offering needed shade protection for floor six. Aesthetics are a key benefit of the mesh’s use on the parkade, where it also provides fall protection, solar shading and ventilation for vehicle exhaust. 

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