University of Oregon Ford Alumni Center University of Oregon Ford Alumni Center / Portland, Oregon, United States

University of Oregon Ford Alumni Center

“Very few companies, no matter what product, work with you hand-in-hand to the level that Cambridge Architectural did with us.”
- Robert Thompson, FAIA, Design Architect, TVA Architects, Inc.
  • Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Year Completed: 2012
  • End Use: Academic
  • Architect: TVA Architects, Inc.
  • Engineer: Haris Engineering, Inc.
  • General Contractor: Fortis Construction, Inc.
  • Subcontractor: L & S Erectors
  • Installer: Cambridge Architectural
  • Owner: University of Oregon


Cable-supported fins shade the interior of the Ford Alumni Center at the University of Oregon which houses interactive information kiosks. The system of angled fins, manufactured from Mid-Balance mesh fabric, adorns the front façade of the building which acts as the gateway to the campus for past, present and future students. The structures give the project a modern, youthful, and innovative appeal.



Exterior fins on the western elevation of the Ford Alumni Center shade the interior of the building. They reduce glare and solar heat gain into the building while allowing natural daylighting and unobstructed views to the outside. The whimsical nature of the metal mesh fabric makes the fins a distinguished and modern design element while serving a functional purpose.



Reducing solar heat gain contributes to lowered energy use for the building, making it a cost-effective solution for shading interiors. Additionally, the reduced glare and natural light provides a comfortable atmosphere for users. The fin system is weather resistant, easy to maintain, and gives the building a unique and modern façade.  Cambridge offers full design, engineering, project management services.

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