Walgreens Walgreens / Abeline & San Angelo, Texas, United States


Functions: Visibility
Attachment: Eclipse
  • Location: Abeline & San Angelo, Texas, United States
  • Year Completed: 2012
  • End Use: Retail
  • Architect: Gallup Architects, Tulsa, Ok.
  • Owner: Walgreens


Architects for Walgreens, the national's largest retail pharmacy, selected Cambridge Architectural metal mesh for sign frame panels at new pharmacy store locations in West Texas.


Large rectangular panels of Mid Balance stainless steel mesh with 50% open area support the raised script of Walgreen's iconic brand logo above the store's exterior. In addition to providing a sleek exterior aesthetic, the mesh creates a translucent quality that facilitates depth and allows the red script to stand out to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Cambridge's Eclipse hardware system is used to attach the panels to the signage frame.


Extremely durable, metal mesh is made of entirely recyclable stainless steel. Its lightweight composition requires minimal structural support and far outlasts alternative products. 

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