Winnipeg International Airport Winnipeg International Airport / Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Winnipeg International Airport

"We knew we wanted to use architectural mesh as an exterior cladding material, but the building codes required a certain amount of open area for ventilation purposes. Specifying a mesh that would provide enough screening without blocking the necessary airflow was a challenge. Cambridge Architectural offered one of the lowest cost solutions and was very attentive to our needs."
- Greg Biancardi, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
  • Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Year Completed: 2006
  • End Use: Airport, Parking Garage, Transportation
  • Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects - New Haven, CT
  • General Contractor: PCL Constructors Canada, Inc.- Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Installer: Flynn Canada LTD. - Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • Owner: Winnipeg Airports Authority, Inc.


Cambridge Architectural’s woven metal mesh system adds a subtle touch of sophistication to the parking structure at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Enveloping the parkade, the metal fabric facade creates a stylish balance of form and function while refining the its practical architecture.


The metal fabric solution perfectly demonstrates the functional capabilities of Cambridge Architectural woven metal mesh. When building codes required specific amounts of open area for ventilation purposes, Cambridge was ready to meet the challenge. Not only does Scale metal fabric provide an open area for exhaust fumes to escape, but also provides an aesthetically pleasing method of fall protection. By partnering with the design and building teams, Cambridge introduced a simple, yet effective way to provide pedestrian safety without detracting from the overall appearance of the project.

Severe climates - like the harsh winters of Manitoba - are never a challenge for Cambridge Architectural's sturdy tension attachment systems. The systems are easily adapted to accommodate the expansion and contraction created by weather extremes.


As a more cost-effective solution than louvers and expanded or perforated metals, Cambridge Architectural woven metal mesh offers the functionality of other options while providing unmatched aesthetics. Eclipse hardware - a patented stainless tension attachment that grips and holds metal fabric in tension at the top and bottom of a panel - was used to attach and hold the mesh panels in tension. It simplified installation by requiring less attachment hardware, resulting in reduced installation cost.

The open air design of Cambridge systems maintains open structure form, while at the same time offering the functional benefits of other cladding options, eliminating the need for more costly fire suppression systems associated with closed structures.

Durable, long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free, metal mesh serves as an excellent solution for parking structure exteriors. All of Cambridge’s components are crafted from a high volume of recycled content. After an application has finished its lifecycle, all of the mesh and attachment hardware can be recycled.

Cambridge Architectural is an active member of the USGBC®.



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