Steering you in the right direction to achieve your design intent

We provide the tools you need for presentations, allowing the client and the design team to fully understand architectural mesh, your application, and the entire system once installed on the project.

By reviewing the conceptual drawings and renderings of the design, Cambridge applies 50 years of experience to advise the project team on the solutions applicable to the project, including LEED consultation.


Budget pricing can include mesh, attachments, engineering (shop drawings and stamp), approval mock-up, any necessary additional structure, freight, and installation. By fitting these numbers into the overall project budget, the risk of surprises and change orders is reduced.

Cambridge’s experience incorporating architectural mesh into a building’s design saves valuable time because we partner with you to determine how the system will integrate into the existing structure.

Cambridge shares calculations with the structural engineer of record once a system and budget have been agreed upon. This process is the final integration step in validating the system and structure’s compatibility.

We provide the specifications that explain the system reflected in the design. Once included, the project is ready to hit the street!