Dallas Area Rapid Transit Bridge Dallas Area Rapid Transit Bridge / Dallas, Texas, United States

Dallas Area Rapid Transit Bridge

“Our original design intent was to find a durable material that looks good 24/7 and mesh was an easy choice.”
- , John Hessler, Design Principal, HKS
  • Location: Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Year Completed: 2010
  • End Use: Government, Transportation
  • Architect: HKS
  • Engineer: Elite Metal Fabricators, Inc
  • Subcontractor: Wallace Rogan
  • Installer: Elite Meal
  • Owner: Archer-Western

A mix of two different woven metal mesh patterns encloses the covered open air pedestrian bridge which spans over the Dallas – Fort Worth commuter rail lines at the Market Center station. 


Stainless steel mesh was chosen as a material for the bridge primarily for safety reasons. The mesh provides secure fall protection to commuting pedestrians while also shielding the rail lines below from falling objects. A larger weave (Pellican) covers the upper sections and a slightly smaller weave (Scale) covers the lower sections of the span.  The mesh is secured to the bridge structure at the top and bottom using Cambridge Architectural’s patent pending Eclipse attachment tube system.


The transparency of the mesh material allows for ventilation as well as unobstructed views for the crossing pedestrians above and at night the clear visibility of foot traffic across the well-lit structure provides an additional security benefit. During the day, the mesh reflects sunlight and produces an interesting shimmering visual effect.  Stainless steel mesh is also a very low maintenance material which makes it ideal for an outside structure.  

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