Robert I. Schroder Overcrossing Robert I. Schroder Overcrossing / Pleasant Hill, California, United States

Robert I. Schroder Overcrossing

Applications: Open Structures
Mesh: Plait
Attachment: U-Binding
The mesh makes a pedestrian bridge that crosses over arterial roads/highways that is at best a distraction, and at worst a menacing-looking and ugly element, into a beautiful and inviting element of the overall design.
- Ignacio Barandiaran, Principal and Project Director, Arup
  • Location: Pleasant Hill, California, United States
  • Year Completed: 2010
  • End Use: Mixed-Use
  • Architect: Arup - San Francisco, CA
  • Additional Architect(s): Donald MacDonald Architects – San Francisco, CA
  • Engineer: SPS Engineers (Consultants) – San Francisco, CA
  • General Contractor: Robert A. Bothman Construction – San Jose, CA
  • Subcontractor: Fehr & Peers Transportation Consultants – Walnut Creek, CA
  • Construction Manager: TRC-Hanna Group – Rancho Cordova, CA
  • Owner: Contra Costa County, Calif.


The Robert I. Schroder Bridge routes pedestrians and cyclists using the Iron Horse Regional Trail, over the Treat Blvd./Jones Rd. intersection in Contra Costa County, CA. The unique curvature of the architectural mesh system gives the bridge a modern aesthetic that reflects the unconventional style of the San Francisco Bay area.



The Plait pattern of the architectural mesh and the design of the bridge were specifically chosen to prevent people from throwing objects over the side of the bridge on to the traffic. These features also prevent bridge users from being able to get a footing or grip into the mesh to deter climbing. These features not only protect cyclists and walkers on the bridge, but the vehicles and pedestrians on the street below as well.



Cambridge Architectural’s mesh systems are virtually indestructible, and are therefore not prone to damage by general use, or wear and tear. Pedestrians will not be able to damage the mesh, as it can handle even the toughest hits without dents or marring. The metal fabric also eliminates the need for any significant maintenance, and ensures that the system will rarely, if ever, require repair or replacement.


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Robert I. Schroder Overcrossing | Cambridge Architectural


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